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Hand made custom knives.


I have been making knives since around 2011. I started in my backyard using a piece of railroad track as an anvil, and before I knew it - sold my first piece. Now my hand made knives are known around the world.  I use only types of metal that I trust.  Carbon steels are the preferred material.  

Dennis T Mayes

Dennis Mayes -  Self taught knife maker since 2012.

Self taught blacksmith / knifemaker from Northern Kentucky. 


Wolveshead Forge / DTM - Direbear custom knife.

All authentic Wolveshead Knives are signed and branded with the familiar Wolf and Anvil stamp, and Dennis T Mayes signature stamp. 


John D.

"I bought a bowie around 2014 , and have used and abused it. I trust it, and hope to purchase a 2nd." 

Hannah A.

"I bought 2 knives for my dad last year and he loved them! He talks about them all the time."

David G.

"After speaking with several 'knifemakers' about my ideal knife, getting to know Denny was refreshing. He speaks to you like a human being."

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All knives are on a 'care for life' basis. I will repair knives if the damage done is within reason. I will replace knives that are beyond repair , pending stress test analysis.

The Wolf's Head